How could Alpha Veterinary Care charge less than the online pharmacies? 

1. We don't have to pay for what they call "free shipping." 

2. We don't pay for commercials that air every 30 minutes.

3. We buy in bulk and pass the savings on to our clients.

Think about it.  Shipping isn't free.  Somebody pays for it. Shipping cost is reflected in the higher price.

And all those commercials that basically lie about how cheap they are compared to veterinarians cost money. Somebody has to pay for the advertisements and it is the people who order their products.  Granted, it's convenient to get something in the mail - but don't be fooled - you're paying for it!  

For example: Heartguard Plus for heartworm prevention:



We make a few bucks selling medicine, that's true.  But the money comes back to your community.  It goes to pay the salary of our doctors and employees.  Some of it goes to donations we give to non-profit organizations in the area. We don't make as much money on a sale as the online pharmacies - but it helps keep down the cost of our other veterinary services.

Most importantly,

The online pharmacies won't be there for your pet in a time of need! 

            The multi-million-dollar corporations won't work to save your cat or dog's life!

Veterinarians will.